Unleash harmonious process and ability in Harmony of Elements

Elements of our world vary but have one goal which is to balance the world’s existence and function. Each has their identity and power. Earth, Water, Fire and Wind are essential in living of all creatures. Therefore, we should take good care of them and respect them at the same time. The mentioned elements are being incorporated in different mediums because of their flexibility and characteristics. In fact, this content features a flash game about the elements. The name of the game is Harmony of Elements.


The main characters are the elements mentioned a while ago. They are trapped in a strange place. They need to get out and escape. The scenarios in each level are random so you have to analyze which element is integral on that level or the one that can move you on to the next scenario. Good analyzation and execution can give you success with this game.

Your typical car Parking game upsized in Park my Big Rig 3

If you have a thing about cars and trucks but racing is not how you to check on how good a driver is, the Park My Big Rig 3 is the game for you. Of course you have played all the car racing and car parking games out there, but how about if we upsize the vehicle you are driving. Park trucks, dozers and other heavy equipment like a professional.

Park My Big Rig 3 (3)

The game lets you experience on how hard is it to be a trucker. You need to fit the truck on tight spaces and look for incoming vehicles as well. There is even a stage where you need to park across an active rail, where a train occasionally passes by. Drive the vehicle using the arrow keys to the designated parking point, there are some stages where the start point is on the top, so the left and right button will be inverted. You need different driving techniques for different vehicles in Park my Big Rig 3. Dozers and dump trucks are the easy ones, as if you are driving an oversized car. On the other hand trailers need more space when going in a curve, and it is very difficult to maneuver the truck with the trailer behind it. There is a score that decays over time, you will get more if you can park the vehicle faster. There are 20 challenging levels in total, and after finishing the last one you can create your own stage. You have 5 lives and if you use them all up, game over.

If you are driving a large vehicle doesn’t mean you can plow through all kinds of stuff in the road. In the game, touch even a single cone and your vehicle will be totaled. Yes, I also find it weird. Share your scores in social media after you get game over, with just one click. Can you finish all 20 levels and unlock the super custom truck? Or will you fail and be a amateur driver for the rest of your life? Try out Park my Big Rig 3 now!

Win the game in Return Man 8

For football fans and lovers, Return Man game series will be easy to understand since these games are online football game. But even if you are not so familiar with football terminologies, you will still love these games for they are not hard to comprehend. In the eighth sequel, Return Man 8, you will be playing as the leader and as the quarterback. Your job as a quarterback is to throw the ball to the receiver.


Throwing the ball must be in perfect timing and should be synchronized with the receiver or else, the recipient would fail to catch the ball. As you play, aside from earning coins, special moves may be unlocked too. And you can procure trophies too when you earn a particular score limit. There are five trophies to earn. Return Man 8 is a challenging sports game which you can find at www.returnman8.com.

Reach the safe exit in Red Ball 2

What do you know about Red Ball 2? Is it a title of a movie? Is it a title of a song? Is it a part of a television series? Or a name of a flash game? If your answer is the first one, you are wrong. If you choose the last one, you are right. Red Ball 2 is actually the second edition from the very successful ball rolling game called Red Ball. Have you ever wonder why it is called Red Ball? The answer can be found below. But before that, let us tackle why such balls are in demand in flash games.


One is because most gamers are familiar with it. Second is because it is easy to understand, control and play. For further details, rely on the paragraph below. In this game, you have to help the red ball reach safe exits in each platform. Doing that is not an easy thing because there will be hindrances or obstacles that you have to hurdle to succeed. You just have to jump and roll the red ball in the platform and avoid the obstacles like black balls and square ones.

Utilize the weapons in the game of Full Auto Mayhem

It is understandable that racing games have been capturing the hearts of many gamers around the world over the past years. Have you ever wondered why this type of game is very in demand? The answer pertains to two great factors. First is the involvement of cars and other vehicles. It is no surprise that most of us dream of having their cars and vehicles for transportation and other purposes. Second is because of the adrenaline rush being released whenever one races even if is through a virtual world only.

The great thing about this type of game is that it is safer than in real life racing. Full Auto Mayhem is a good example which gamers will surely love. This is obviously about racing with intensity. Your mission is to defeat drivers who are gunning for their guts and glory on the race track. You have to make sure that you will be the first one to finish the race or you will die. Utilize the missiles and bombs provided to defeat other drivers.

Full Auto Mayhem (3)

More levels and challenges in Raze 3

The Raze game series is one of the cool games you will find on the online gaming world. The third installment, Raze 3, has more to bring. Aside from the three game modes that both Raze 1 and Raze 2 has given, Human Campaign, Aliens Campaign and Quick Match Mode, there are added game modes in Raze 3. You now have Premium Campaign and Daily Challenges. The Human Campaign now has fifteen levels which you need to complete to unlock the Aliens Campaign Mode.


The Premium Campaign needs to be unlocked first in the Online Save Options; it comes with fifteen challenges, a brand new map, ten extra guns, ten thousand credits, and a lot more content. Complete the Daily Challenges for additional credits which you can use to buy weapon upgrades, equipment and abilities. The Quick Match Mode also has eight new maps. There are now thirty achievements to unlock. Play the game for free and challenge yourself to finish each and every level.

Prove your skills in Downtown Drift

Once again indulge in driving and racing games. Play Downtown Drift and show how good you are in driving and racing. Choose your car and choose your mode of difficulty between easy, normal and hard. Drive with high speed in between cars, buses and monster trucks in the express highway. Collect cash as much as you can so you can eventually buy upgrades or buy new and more powerful cars. But you have to win races to unlock them. You have to win in three challenges consecutively to complete a track.


And remember to hit tools as you race to fix our car while in motion. Control your car using your keyboard. Downtown Drift is an amazing racing game which will give you some adrenaline rush. You do not only master your racing skills, you also master the art of drifting. If you need further help, a walkthrough is also available.

Choose which side are you on in Man or Monster

Do you have an idea what Man or Monster is? This is not a title of a movie nor a hit television series but an interesting flash game. This game is about shooting monsters who are trying to destroy Earth. There are two reasons why you will love this game. First is because of the interesting and entertaining story the kids and adults will surely love. Second is because of the gameplay that is unique which you will find out as you read along this article.


As mentioned earlier, the world or Earth is threatened by monsters. They are trying to evade our home as quick as possible. The goal of the players in this game is to either be the monster or the hunters. If you choose the former, then you will have to spread destruction. If you choose the latter, you will have to shoot the monsters and stop their invasion as quick as possible.

Rob the Gamp Corporation in BobRobber 2

If you enjoy playing puzzle games, you will surely have fun with the second sequel of Bob Robber, BobRobber 2. It is an addicting fun adventure game. Bob is like Robin Hood, stealing from the corrupt Gamp Corporation. You will play as Bob, and you will rob the city of cash. You will steal the valuables in the house or building owned by Gamp Corporation but you must not be caught.

Exhilarating as ever, you will enter the premises, search for cash while aiming for the final goal. You have to get past through security guards, robots, cameras, lasers, dogs and even zombies. And when you got the all the valuables, you got to make your exit without being caught too. You have to find your way to get your goal and find where the codes of some doors are or how to unlock other doors.

BobRobber 2 (4)

Shoot all enemy Turbo Tanks

Do you enjoy playing shooting games? Indulge yourself in the action-packed tank fighting: Turbo Tanks. It will surely captivate your shooting ability and beating the enemy tanks. You goal is to destroy the enemy tanks as soon as you can before they destroy you.


Hit each tank ten times to destroy it while avoiding to be hit too. If you get hit ten times, the game will be over. But if you survive the level, you get a bonus life for the next level. Use the arrow keys of your keyboard for the direction of your tank. Use the Ctrl key to fire. Turbo Tanks game can be a bonding time with family or friend for it has a two player option. Only, you are to use the same computer. Press the number 2 key for a two-player game. Make sure you have Java in your system to be able to play the game.