Capture all the flags in Strike Force Heroes 2

Strike Force Heroes is one of the shooting game series that has been serving tremendous entertainment to many gamers around the world. There are two reasons why. First is because it gives the gamers the chance to experience what it is like going on a mission like a soldier. Second is because of the involvement of shooting weapons that most of us are passionate or fond about. This series offers its second installment in Strike Force Heroes 2. Engage with this game at This edition is very important in the sense that it continues the story of the series as well as it shows the difference from the first one.


It also levels up the challenge that will test the players to their limits. Your goal or objective as the player is to eliminate the enemies or opponents on the field. You will choose your character from five soldierd such as the engineer, the mercenary, the general, the juggernaut and the sniper. You will have to utilize the weapons in order to perform or achieve your goal.

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