Help the automobile in Wheely 2

What comes to your mind everytime you hear the word “”wheely””? Most of the answers are pertaining to cars or vehicles because most people call cars as wheels or wheely. Do you know that there is a flash game named after it? Yes! There is and it is entitled as Wheely 2. Obviously, this is about racing and car driving with a unique and fine purpose. You will know about that as you read the whole content. But for now, let us quickly tackle two reasons why you will surely like or love this game. First is because of the driving action that will take place. Second is because it is Physics-based which is somehow educational.


The main character in this game is called Wheely. He is on a mission to find or catch his one true love. But before he can actually do that, he must solve the puzzles presented which some are easy to accomplish while other are tough to pull through. The player who will be engaging with it will have to navigate Wheely in the game and avoid obstacles as well as solve puzzles as much as you can.

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