More levels and challenges in Raze 3

The Raze game series is one of the cool games you will find on the online gaming world. The third installment, Raze 3, has more to bring. Aside from the three game modes that both Raze 1 and Raze 2 has given, Human Campaign, Aliens Campaign and Quick Match Mode, there are added game modes in Raze 3. You now have Premium Campaign and Daily Challenges. The Human Campaign now has fifteen levels which you need to complete to unlock the Aliens Campaign Mode.


The Premium Campaign needs to be unlocked first in the Online Save Options; it comes with fifteen challenges, a brand new map, ten extra guns, ten thousand credits, and a lot more content. Complete the Daily Challenges for additional credits which you can use to buy weapon upgrades, equipment and abilities. The Quick Match Mode also has eight new maps. There are now thirty achievements to unlock. Play the game for free and challenge yourself to finish each and every level.

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