Strike Force Heroes unblocked at school

Playing online games will help you be relieved from the stresses life brings. One enjoyable game to play is the Strike Force Heroes game series. It is a war-like game full of action and adventure. You will shoot all enemies on sight and pick up helpful power ups.


Play now! Strike Force Heroes 1 is now unblocked. That means you can play it now wherever you are. You can play the game even when you are in school, in the office, at home or anywhere else. Nonetheless, having an unblocked version of the game does not encourage anyone to neglect work or study.

When you play Strike Force Heroes 1, you will be asked to input a player’s name then choose your preferred soldier. There are four kinds of soldiers to choose from: the Assassin, the Commando, the Medic and the Tank. What more, you can choose a color for each kind of soldier. Every kind of soldier has its own statistics that include health, aim, critical and ammo. Every soldier is better than the others in some aspects and in some missions.

The Main Menu will give you the Play button, Soldiers, Options, Medals and Tips. In the Play Menu, you will be given three game modes to choose from: the Campaign Mode, the Challenges and the Quick Match. Enjoy fifteen stages in the Campaign Mode, fifteen stages in the Challenges and there are five game modes to play in Quick Match. These are the Deathmatch, the Juggernaut, the Team Deathmatch, the Capture the Flag and the Domination. In Quick Match, you can play with your family and friends. The game will advise you to play the Tutorial first if you have not played it yet before you play on both Challenges and Quick Match.

In Strike Force Heroes 1, your soldiers become tougher as they level up. So it would be wise to play one soldier as you go on playing for your soldier to level up faster instead of leveling up anew for every soldier you choose. So check it out and unlock killsteaks and skills when your soldiers reach the required level to unlock them.

Be the world champion in Duck Life 2

“Are you looking for a game to spend your free time? Do you have like racing games? Then try to play Duck Life 2 and experience the fun of training a pet. Train the duckling in four skills: running, flying, swimming and climbing. Training your duckling will make him fast in all of these skills.

In Duck Life 1, the story began when a farmer’s farm was destroyed by a tornado. Having nothing left but an egg, he decided to train the duckling when it came out from its shell. He trained it in the skills of running, flying and swimming. The purpose of the training was to be able to join and win in races and tournaments. He will use his winnings to reconstruct his farm.

Having won the tournaments, once again play as the farmer in duck life 2 and train the duckling once more. But this time, train it not only in running, swimming and flying. Train him too in the skill of climbing. Your ducking has to be well trained before he can join the world races. However, take note that your duckling has a limited Max Level; that means it is the highest level that your duckling can attain in each skill. You can upgrade the Max Level by ten for fifty coins. Or you could win in any race in each country in the World Championship.

When you play duck life 2, you will compete in five countries consecutively: Scotland, England, Egypt, Hawaii and Japan. Each competition has three rounds wherein your duckling’s skills will be tested. Scotland is the qualification round of the world’s championship while Japan is the final. In each country, winning in any round will gain you fifty coins and a mystery package. And each country grants the winner a raise in the duckling’s level limit.


As you train, do not forget to collect coins along your way. You can use the coins you collect from training and your winnings in the races to buy food for the duckling, to upgrade your Max Level and to buy accessories in the shop.

Vex 1 the game

If you love a game that is full of challenges and adventures, VEX game is the best online game for you. Your main goal in this game is to get to the exit door in every level. Sounds easy right? But doing so is not that easy. It won’t be challenging if there are no hurdles to get through.


If you are a first timer in this game, worry not because at the beginning of the game, it has a simple guide and easy to understand instructional stage. This tutorial level serves as a preparation for the flow of the whole game, how to get through the obstacles, how to save your life so you will not go on the first stage again and again, and of course this level will teach you how to accomplish your ultimate mission. The instructions on how to play VEX game are also provided including the key controls on how you can pass through every Act or level.

Of course, in every challenge, extra care is very important. Make sure that you will not be caught in any hurdles or even touch by any obstacles. Those obstacles are very dangerous. Even a least contact to any of the obstacles will surely kill you. And when you die, go are going back at the start of the Act or from the nearest station you have accomplished. There are stations or checkpoints along your way with flags on them. Just move on to those checkpoints to track your progress. In case you lose a life, you are going to go back to that last checkpoint you get through.

VEX game has eight Acts to accomplish. Your flexibility will be tested here as you jump, run, slide and swim up to the finish line. Just avoid the deadly obstacles. Jumping too high is not advisable. You can also climb and jump from wall to wall if you want and if you slide, do it with momentum then do a duck walk. As mentioned earlier, your goal in every Act is to get through the exit door as fast and easy as you can. After getting through the eight Act, you will be awarded with a bonus stage, the Credit level.

Unleash harmonious process and ability in Harmony of Elements

Elements of our world vary but have one goal which is to balance the world’s existence and function. Each has their identity and power. Earth, Water, Fire and Wind are essential in living of all creatures. Therefore, we should take good care of them and respect them at the same time. The mentioned elements are being incorporated in different mediums because of their flexibility and characteristics. In fact, this content features a flash game about the elements. The name of the game is Harmony of Elements.


The main characters are the elements mentioned a while ago. They are trapped in a strange place. They need to get out and escape. The scenarios in each level are random so you have to analyze which element is integral on that level or the one that can move you on to the next scenario. Good analyzation and execution can give you success with this game.