Play Boxing Live 2 at Plimpi for free

Do you like playing games full of action? Are you a boxing fan? Boxing is one of the most popular sports in world. And if you love it so much, you can also find boxing games online like Boxing Live 2 which you can also play for free at Plimpi.

Enjoy playing Boxing Live 2 Plimpi from creating a boxer, training him and engaging in a fight. In the Main Menu, you can choose Fight Now, Create A Boxer, Training, Options, Help and Credits. You will see the names of the persons responsible in the creation of the game. When you go to Options, you can set the difficulty of the game to Normal, Hard or Insane. You can also toggle on and off for Commentator, Music and Sounds. And you set the graphics Quality to Low, Medium or High. If it is your first time to play Boxing Live 2 Plimpi, nothing is wrong and it will not take too much of your time if you will take a look in the Help menu to see what controls to use and a lot more.


You have to create a boxer first before you can go for a fight. When creating a boxer, you can customize his Information: First name, Last Name, Nickname and Hometown. You can also customize his looks as to hair, face, skin, gloves, shorts and fprotector. There are a lot of choices to choose from. You can also set points for his power, speed, stamina, chin and toughness.

Before you begin the fight, you will be asked to choose a location. There are five locations to choose from. However, you have to beat a particular player to unlock some locations. As you fight, you will receive cash. You can use the cash in buying unlocked items and changing your personal appearance. There are nine Career Awards to achieve as you play it. There are also sixteen Achievements to complete. And when you gain an achievement, you also get the equivalent cash.

Boxing Live 2 Plimpi is an action-packed sports game where you will surely enjoy boxing in the comfort of your home. Play it totally for free at Plimpi.

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