Play Red Ball 6

“If you are looking for an exciting adventure game, try playing the Red Ball game series. It is an amazing game where your skills will be enhanced. You will learn to think fast as you solve problems. And in addition to that, you will enjoy each storyline.

The sixth installment, Red Ball 6, is the third and final part of Red Ball 4. It is also known as Red Ball 4 volume 3. Like in Red Ball volume 1 and volume 2, your goal in this sequel is to save the red balls from being turned into red squares and stop the big boss once and for all. Once again run and jump while avoiding obstacles and enemies along your way. Venture into the deadly factory to save your friends. This game features the old obstacles as well as new sets of obstacles. All fifteen levels are brand new. And you will finally be facing the big boss on the last level.

There are new Achievements too. You can check the achievements you have accomplished and yet to accomplish in the Achievements room. You will find the Achievements room button at the bottom of the level select menu. There are sixteen Achievements for you to get done. However, of these sixteen achievements, the Diamond Cup must be the hardest to achieve for you need to complete all fifteen Achievements to gain it.


In this red ball version, you should also collect all the stars along your way. They will greatly contribute to your scores. Simply jump on the black squares to kill them and gain additional points. Unleash your wit and put Black Square where he should be. Some black squares require more than 1 jump, so make sure you kill them before moving on.

Red Ball 6 is an Amazing game you will surely love. It is totally free to play. You do not need t pay for anything and there is no need to create or log into any account. The controls are also easy and simple, just use the arrow keys to control the red ball. It is also safe to let children play it since there are no violence and foul words involved in the game.

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