Release the Gas in Twizzed Firefarta

They say laughter is the best medicine, that is why anything funny or that can make us laugh and feel good inside always becomes a hit. We know for a fact that flash games are made to entertain us, but what if it incorporates laughter in as one of its core elements? Curious? Then you should check out a flash game named Twizzed Firefarta. From the game’s name itself, you will have a clue on what the game is about.

If you thought of fart, then you guessed it right. The game is about farting. Twizzed Firefarta is a type of platform game wherein you are to jump or should I say fart in order for you to move upwards. Yes, your farting will fire you to move upwards as if flying. As silly as it gets, the game can be very fun to play with. One thing to bear in mind when playing this game though, too much gas is dangerous for your health.

Twizzed Firefarta (1)

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