Rob the Gamp Corporation in BobRobber 2

If you enjoy playing puzzle games, you will surely have fun with the second sequel of Bob Robber, BobRobber 2. It is an addicting fun adventure game. Bob is like Robin Hood, stealing from the corrupt Gamp Corporation. You will play as Bob, and you will rob the city of cash. You will steal the valuables in the house or building owned by Gamp Corporation but you must not be caught.

Exhilarating as ever, you will enter the premises, search for cash while aiming for the final goal. You have to get past through security guards, robots, cameras, lasers, dogs and even zombies. And when you got the all the valuables, you got to make your exit without being caught too. You have to find your way to get your goal and find where the codes of some doors are or how to unlock other doors.

BobRobber 2 (4)

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