Shooting action in a different dimention with Raze 1

One of the things that makes us curious is the idea of another world or dimension. Have you ever wonder or imagine what if there is another world existing? The answer is uncertain now but that is the beauty of living which is about mysteries and adventures. To atleast satisfy your imagination, there is a game called Raze 1. This game is about futuristic shooting which will mainly tackle and incorporate futuristic graphics or aesthetics. Please feel free to continue your reading now!

Your mission as the player in this flash game is to utilize the given shooting weapon in defeating your human and alien enemies. There are two game modes available: campaign and quick match. With the campaign mode, you will be given two categories. One is to play the human mode which you need to complete before moving to the Alien Mode. Each categories has 10 exciting levels. If you want to learn how to play Raze 1, just look for its official site which is


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