Start the Adventure in Cactus Mccoy 1

A cactus is a succulent plant with a thick fleshy stem which typically bears spines and lacks leaves. It is common plant cultivated everywhere in the world as a pot plant used mainly for home and garden decors. But what happens when it comes to life? Find out for yourself in Cactus Mccoy 1. In this game of pure adventure, the main character is a cactus names Mccoy. And he is out on a mission to find the hidden treasure.


Cactus Mccoy 1 is the first game in its series. It has become a favorite game for many because of the fun and excitement in Mccoy’s adventures wherein you get to experience when playing the game. Adventure games like Cactus Mccoy are ideal for getting rid of boring stillness whether inside or outside one’s house. Check out this game on and start the adventure with Cactus Mccoy.

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