Strike Force Heroes unblocked at school

Playing online games will help you be relieved from the stresses life brings. One enjoyable game to play is the Strike Force Heroes game series. It is a war-like game full of action and adventure. You will shoot all enemies on sight and pick up helpful power ups.


Play now! Strike Force Heroes 1 is now unblocked. That means you can play it now wherever you are. You can play the game even when you are in school, in the office, at home or anywhere else. Nonetheless, having an unblocked version of the game does not encourage anyone to neglect work or study.

When you play Strike Force Heroes 1, you will be asked to input a player’s name then choose your preferred soldier. There are four kinds of soldiers to choose from: the Assassin, the Commando, the Medic and the Tank. What more, you can choose a color for each kind of soldier. Every kind of soldier has its own statistics that include health, aim, critical and ammo. Every soldier is better than the others in some aspects and in some missions.

The Main Menu will give you the Play button, Soldiers, Options, Medals and Tips. In the Play Menu, you will be given three game modes to choose from: the Campaign Mode, the Challenges and the Quick Match. Enjoy fifteen stages in the Campaign Mode, fifteen stages in the Challenges and there are five game modes to play in Quick Match. These are the Deathmatch, the Juggernaut, the Team Deathmatch, the Capture the Flag and the Domination. In Quick Match, you can play with your family and friends. The game will advise you to play the Tutorial first if you have not played it yet before you play on both Challenges and Quick Match.

In Strike Force Heroes 1, your soldiers become tougher as they level up. So it would be wise to play one soldier as you go on playing for your soldier to level up faster instead of leveling up anew for every soldier you choose. So check it out and unlock killsteaks and skills when your soldiers reach the required level to unlock them.

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