Zombie Earn to Die

If you are among those players who love zombie games, you should not miss playing the Earn to Die game series. It is an addicting challenging adventure game where you will be driving over hordes of zombies. You do not need to think of any other way to kill them, just plow them all as you drive.

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The story began when zombie apocalypse dawn on your hometown. You are among the few survivors. Looking for a way to finally get away from all those zombies, you saw a helicopter from not so far. But you will need a vehicle to get there. And you know that as you drive, the zombies will get in your way to stop and, who knows, eat you!

There are three vehicles available for you to drive. However, you only have limited cash in your pocket enough for the slowest and most vulnerable among the three, the small hatchback. But that will do at the moment. As you drive, you will be plowing hordes of zombies. You will also earn cash for plowing them and for the distance you have reached. Each run is equivalent to a day. At the end of the day, you should and you must upgrade your vehicle. Upgrading your vehicle will make it tougher and will let you reach longer distance. Acquire the second vehicle, the old good pickup, or the third vehicle which is the heavy truck, when you have earned enough cash. But the upgrades you have made in the prior vehicle do not apply on the succeeding vehicles. So you will have to upgrade again from the start.

This gameplay in the first Earn to die applies in all other Earn to die game sequels except on the part of buying the second and third vehicles. In the succeeding Earn to die games, there are three levels or stages. You do not have to worry about earning a great deal of cash to acquire the next vehicle. You will automatically be unlocking the next vehicle when you finish one level. You finish a level when your current vehicle has reached the required distance. You will find all Earn to die versions when you visit the fan page.

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